Coherent-Mumble-Jumble. Top To Bottom. My most Recent Lengthy Improv Journaling Stream.


It's theater and a life-long journey. It's dim loss and new light of hope that usually follows. It’s . . . land . . . water . . . and air.


Talk mediums time.

Insurance of one day leading to the next with its own variety of changes.


No barring. Always a way in and and a way out. 


Every art exhibit and any other type of result of performances...if done with at least somewhat moving. Presents possibilities that often captivate. Both processes and completed works holds promise. Oblique to literal or completely realistic.


These days...often...delicacy reigns over extreme subtleties. Is that even possible?

Nothing too lofty. 


I am now an immigrant on a slightly turbulent and uncertain sea...with dreams and flashbacks or memories. Streaming of horrific scenes. One eye open nightmares.


Carry me. Give me some drinkable water that does not have poisonous chemicals or too high a content of ocean salt.

Greece...France...Italy...Germany...The United States Of America...Australia. Give us immigrants a brand-new life. We will work very hard to never ever become a drain on your nation. Economy.

I paint epic perils...with composed performances of newcomers that have tender glossy eyes. On hopeful faces. They're willing to different places.

We see new buildings...constructed with wounded flesh...weary muscles...thin ligaments...and human bones held together by soft tissue. Clothes lines...grounded piles of tales. Age old stories and a few grim ones. 


Everyday...for different links of time each..I'm starving for something...without exactly knowing what it is. I usually am much more aware of what it is after it's done. After something has been completed.


I am a immigrant parent with a brand new nation where I was born...and have lived my entire life to this day here. Leaving America only for visits. No one visit longer than three months after which I came back home. To the place I like very much and is familiar in many more ways than not.


I am also other worldly...worldly..and always enjoy coming back to Saint Paul. Next to Minneapolis in our great state of Minnesota.


Shook the hands of more undertakers then I wanted to. My journey has involved...different types of winds...oddly sacred boards of yards...and nails of faith. As distinctive visual symbols to vaguely/distinctly recall. Unique. Nails and boards. Common-and-made-to-be-important-joiners-and-the-joined.Many nails sticking out do and don't keep their board members together.

Anything is possible.


We are (I am) the benevolent workshop...with a lighthouse and beacon to attract and guide new strangers that sometimes become our friends and partners for the rest of our lives.


I am a vividly colorful to faint few colors director and overseer. Illustrating visions using collected made and found props. Props in my world have numerous definitions.


I am the costumed maker and performer wearing street clothes. A few ...frayed...torn...faded...holes. Round passages for printouts of statistics. Many pages stained and in the background of my mind.


Almost bare naked and clothed amongst other traveling human bodies small ways...evoke new displays of possibilities. Everything can be anything flipped the other way around.

New found shipment of diverse mortal beings...and souls...moving in night prison guard spotlights that shine very bright from top of castle strong stone and mortar walls. Tiny razor wire a notion...are skimmed suggestions.


On this stage there are rusty rails on the intentional rickety shelters. Front and center of these structures around the edges...and rounded beings. Look at my cast on actress with a plaster cast...I am so proud of them. Proud of everything I'm seeing. Heavy blood red velvet curtains...that open and close. Shiny dark floor with art video shadow projections of moonlight oak trees. Wow!


Put your ozone dukes up big oilman.


When a leader's not bright and capable even small things become also big problems for everyone. Dangerous also to make quick replacements.

Take a little and then give a lot.

First cut the heads off all of the T-Bone and Rib-Eye Steak Chickens. Certain Senate and House career politicians. No not literally. With non-violent forms of visual and message driven bold imperfect expressions.


Wrap it up...kick it off. Record the heat. Look at all the heads and faces! What a bunch of overpaid and ineffective goons sitting leaning forward. With big other issues looming...the self proclaimed Godhead is considering sending troops into Mexico. To wake up every man lying under a tree with a sombrero over his face...taking a midday siesta. I know it's just a cliché! Almost all Mexican men don't wear those fancy very wide brimmed hats. I do like a lot of them.


What are the private or secret deals being made with repressive governme nts around the world?

Oh and also what about new more enforced censorship of environmental scientific data? That can't be a good idea.


Competition. Power. Relationships. Partnerships. Compromise. Healthy relationships for the betterment of all citizens and immigrants.


Close vetting circle. For some reliable departments electricity has been cut and now the lights are off.


Who will reconcile? Who will create new radical fractures? Will new-crazy-seemingly-fascist-definitions-of-success lead to even more global chaos?


Square off. The squares that don't listen to common sense reason are off base. Hand all the most important decisions back to the old or new circles.


Please don't push too aggressively...without knowing exactly what you're doing.


Drama king. Showman that always wants to be in the spotlight. Always needs attention. Tweeting on Twitter...for even insignificant stuff. While so many bigger activities are happening at the same time everywhere. Within our homeland. All over this planet.


Stop shouting at elevators and escalators. Stop angrily lashing out at stalls. Push push push. It appears at this moment that you're a Pushton with questionable faculties. I hope this changes soon.


Just like pirates wearing their own suits and filled with opaque (not at all transparent) intentions to get as much gold as they can. Certain type of human nature I guess.


What level are we (as aware citizens) on?


Start of the day poses no new setbacks...yet. My new signal received is to support and generate best wisdoms. Who do you think you are Aristotle? Just an informed free thinker...during this information age.


Is public education lead at the top buy someone with no public education experience doomed? What effect do higher and mightier leaders have...on what happens in all of the...elementary...high school...and college trenches...across America? 

Will it be more America over Party or Party over America.

Maybe...throw the babies out with the bathwater...for true independent leaders. Beginning on Independence Day. That would be great.

Pragmatic Sands. Feeling the Bern of some regrets...overly careful


Dip in...skipper dipper. Hear me out first. Fight back-and-forth. Ram the bill through with a new deceiving label on one outside Washington's priceless walls will know.


People...let’s show up. Witness...listen...and use our best voices. Up or Down. Clear or muddy. America is everyone's nation that is here for good.


(Art Project)

Three sheets of...used...recycled...dark brown paneling. Suspended with 50 pound test transparent filament for a granted installation. That was defunded before the public had a chance to see it.

Around the corner from an Art Museum is a building that houses a committee of lean to fat cats. Good old boy network...that's not fond of those knitted pink pussy power hats...propagating this week.


Watch me sing out with smells of words. Word messages that will become other things after branding. Lots of projections. Can't wait.


Rare quorum rulers arranged...and given high positive ratings. Even by the most vicious wolf-art-critics employed by The Village Voice to Breitbart News. I'm sure...a friend says.


Unprecedented desires cowered all the way down magnificent gold-gilded hallways. Ghost disapprovals occurred briefly with no politicians around. To be seen or heard. For the first time in history in a federal government enormous chandelier fell to glistening marble floor underneath it and busted all to pieces. I'm not superstitious but is there a sign? Thank God no one was under it...when it fell.


Uninformed? Push it through anyway. Arms twisted by several lobbyists? Make sure you stop it. Unqualified to ask questions? Delay the choice...and also prevent that nomination. It's now party with a full nelson over nation. Sorry folks. Citizens.


It's confirmed...serious new strains have emerged with long time allies. So many threats going in all directions. What was multilateral in the past is becoming singular-lateral in such a bleep short length of time.

What gives? Many nations overseas that have counted on a variety of ways...are further we take in information from several news sources. Greed...Laziness...idleness...and lack of wisdom...eventually takes all empires down...faster than any empire wants to crumble. Several positive ties to allies are still important to have and maintain.


Recast China. Recast The Holyland. Re-examine use of nuclear weapons back to just before Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Who are these new leaders in Washington?


Hung out to dry over astro grounds...content is King. Just in case no one is present...existing in limbo. In the midst of peculiar hits. You are a gardener with a knack for nurturing loose philosophical statements and anecdotes...sprouting and stemming from youthful roots. Admirable...Sir. 


Black ice. Dire crumbling potholes. Drive around them or run the likely risk of damaging your axle. Misaligning your vehicle’s wheelbase. It looks like the streets are going to be like this for a while. City crews can't fill them during these conditions. Tar and soft asphalt won't stick to black ice...or any type of acid ice...for that matter. 


Stay warm great grandmother...sitting in a soft chair...with a blanket on your legs...and a crazy man half-sleeping on a crisscrossed long leafy floor of a woods somewhere in the area. You're all probably wondering why I'm now here in a big white gallery space.


Conservative person...don't freak out amidst so many different kinds of changes occurring to your previous world. It'll all be alright. Also...don't be nervous if you encounter dismembered issues. He said she saw someone take a hand. A day after. Does it have anything to do with the crimes? Numbers count.

Circles rise with certain kinds of rarified air...and steam. Stuff sniffed by ghosts of rabbits...and a few thousand passionate good women marching with signs for a list of important progressive freedoms. Some with serious aches and pains also join and march for justice and certain human rights.


Viewers comfortable in similar and other opinions and expectations.

I have a strong yearning for return of more wisdom. No not a novice wisdom. Rituals that nurture all colors at once. My physical papers and online letters have been heart full rituals of a sort. Propelled by countless chosen fully alive memories. Protocols that know humility from numerous actual experiences.

Now...most recitations don't have to be high-minded...just intentionally fragile. A movie of someone acting out simple-honest-fragility during an audition teaches us all something. Though I put my finger on exactly what it is. So much restraint on screen that the young woman's voice can barely squeak out her spoken lines that evolve into the singing of a the same style.

Male and female human postures that immediately indicate respect. I know very well what it looks like within a larger scene.


Columbia grounds. Very hot and wet...percolating at the corner of a room. 

This all does need to be written down or it will be forgotten...exactly as it is remember now.

Constant witnesses. Recorder. Interpreter of incidences.

Run. Walk. Sit. Stand. Pace back and forth.

Make it through the race from start to the finish line. From when you left your parent’s home and moved to strike out on your deathbed. Injections. Threads of strands.


Be more literal. Be more graceful...please. Always deliver the goods as soon as possible.


Don't allow yourself to be off your equilibrium...or once in awhile why not. Do that...slow floating and turning and flipping thing.


Where are you now? Outraged? Thin-skinned? Troubled? Rooted? Heated up? Resisting arrest? Targeted by angry and passionate protestors?


Are you a private and public human face...or one of the two? Are you a worthy stone throwing predator? Do you pay for your staples with food stamps? Are you a billionaire or Shark Tank spectator? Uncertain enthusiast? Are you a streaker or stripper? Ladder climber? Are your margins slim or wide? Do you hear insulting demon voices in fields? Are you moved to actions at the beginning of the new year...after watching a dozen Ted Talks? No problem. Human beings are very interesting.


Kindness for all will always defeat fear...regarding minority groups that live here...or anywhere else.


March...demonstrate...locate...get beaten with a police officer’s billy club...recover in a get therapy for your traumas if you need it.


Space is time. Hours are spirits. Night can spiral for many types of active and inactive soldiers. Kind warriors.


Good not allow yourself to fall or sink into any type of trough of despair. If you do become too immersed in darkness (dread or worse)...I can offer an actual hand...and other things. To pull you out of it. I can help you snap out of your temporary phase. Recollections of terror can crowd out all gratitudes.


Soldiers of all sorts are kindred...without always realizing it. Tour soldiers. Art soldiers. All world worthy cause soldiers. If you can't move your body at all...if your anxieties get the worst of you causing you to be paralyzed face that which is overwhelming where you're at.


Silver...smoke...and white...clouds today say now is the time for action. Doing something that will help out this planet and nation...physically and by sending off good vibes. Hope's in the form of a lining.


This and that are instinctually spontaneous. Loss...of any usually in unexpected reality.


If it seems like you’re always washing the dishes because you don't have a dishwasher...rub the urn of a deceased friend or loved one...there's plenty of heart-and-soul-work to be done.


An alien drone hovers near where there are many questions hanging...over a foreign killing field. A place that could be so many places. Where will the eyes scan from there? What should we do tomorrow? One thing has been consistent for a long time to now...parties will automatically oppose each other. So it's really up to voters every four years...and protesters to influence wisest decisions regarding the passing of policies for America. Citizens uniting in massive numbers...of course...can have a big influence on mindset of elected officials.

I'm pro-human-female...and not anti-human-male. Except for some rare exceptions.


Work on the wonders. Epithets. Parts. Give messages to more than one society on this planet. Interpret...mirror...and don't scold because it doesn't work so well when you point your finger at someone. They immediately shut you off.

Visually warm up your world to local indifferences. There is a special place for all of us that help each other. new possibilities for that way...urgently...or at some point in the very near future.

There are no limitations. Members of groups...individuals...share music and stars that align with your causes. Erode stubborn previous stigmas to tiny grains.


Know when are the best times to swell and contract. Be in-between. Hug acquaintances and strangers. Not just by using a social media emoji symbol. Face-to-face. Embrace all types of real positive actions. Convene with the clearest mind you have with an assortment of marginalized persons. Feet on the ground...get traction.


President Trump wants to eliminate the National Endowment For The Arts...and privatize Public Broadcasting. Let's all show that we are without a doubt against it. Why would a nation not want to promote its heritage and innovation? Especially abroad! Craftsmanship of artisans greatly helps out our American economy in ways that majority of Americans don't realize. Priceless works of art are in international museums that receive public funding. When you talk about increasing real estate values location is important. The arts in all forms has enormously increased real estate values. Billionaires have thrived...thanks to the sweat and blood of...artists...nonprofit institutions...actors...dancers..musicians...and writers. Creating an enormous/infinite amount of financial growth. Creative people...during these disturbing times please continue to ...conceive...experiment...produce. Also...we all owe a lot to the American television and movie industries. Publicly funded American budding video artists that later become internationally renowned mover and shaker moviemakers and indie filmmakers. Providing a lot to our economy. Politicians...please don't any way...these considerable assets. Should our new government eliminate all funding sources for fashion designers that sell very expensive clothing to other nations? Probably not a good idea for our economy to do that.

Indigenous immigrants.

I love Native American tribal members...even though my ancestors traveled from East to West by covered wagon. I love phone-less Amish people...even though I'm very much into latest technologies. I love LGBTQ narrators and all other young to old LGBTQ earthlings...even though my sexual preference is such that I'm ninety percent straight. I love humans and aliens that are always well insulated...even though I'm always going back and forth from insulated to uninsulated.

Sir don't please lash out...with words that content people




Medicine Man. Professor of Harsh To Much Less Harsh Realities...and Occasional Fantastic Visual Effects...and the form of High Quantity Abundance.


American citizens unite now!


(very lonely day after)

I don't know where you the rubble.


Stranded frozen clothes. Weak...bold...dark...vivid...warm...and colorful. Insane cut up shirts of stationed migrants. Scented and near scentless fabric seems of immigrants and refugees.


Shut him up. No shut him up. No him. Him.

- Political Advisor


Republicans unite for not what is just Republican (right winged) but also for what is fair and just for all American citizens.

You're confusing me with this art. No problem if you feel free to think for yourself about it. Give it some more time.


Cut out sound of all external order to better hear your partner's thinking process. Envision the moving pictures in his or her brain. Read her mind. It's possible if you tune yourself to it. 


Sharp and Delicate Art Wearables for The Stage.


Occasionally...for an extended period of artist and writer should turn off all human sensory allow her or his mind to think more clearly and intuitively.


My children are counting on us to become a big we can fly to New York and Los Angeles more often.


You have to have some amount of intimacy as part of a work of art or it will be cold and distant. Visually speaking. you are is how it should be.


This is the last winter I will have an unheated space. No heat during the day and at night. No clean water to drink. No healthy food to eat.


God Bless The Stars And Stripes Art Audition Videos and Photography.


I have to feel that I'm doing important work the moment...I'm not being paid any money any anyone for the this work.


People...something very good is going to happen. First off...a stack or pile of a variety of flannel work shirts will turn into an Unknown Plaid Prophet...and then Tartan Twilled Holy Spirit shedding pieces of wool.

Medgar Evers Beautiful Soul is looking down at this scattered stuff. The birth of my fine art involved...conflicts resulting with violence...disasters...accidents...and heart-wrenching tragedies.  


#1 On My List

Find a way to reduce hostilities between...fearful...racist...caucasian...male American citizens and Muslims living in America and Overseas.


From Artist Human Being to Other World Alien with kindness. The day is done and no one is stupid.


Inclusion strategies...advancing measures...and making everyone laugh in the process. Heavy to light people. Blue audiences.

Easy power. Catalyst of change burning pain. Nothing to say...go away and come back an androgynous mortal being. Honor human automations or just die on a vine. Big deals are sweet quartet clarinet notes.

Adhesive white tape his face...and shoot a photo. Why?


Right now...whether I’m walking standing sitting or laying down...things are going very well.


Road to unique success is often knowing what you can't compete with...then doing something smaller. That is more effective for the type of results you want. You can say that again.


This photo is a drop in the ocean of how I have spent the last twenty years of my life.


I am not an octopus. Everything right now comes from my human heart...spirited soul...and two arms with calloused working hands at the end.


Gifts. Spirit. Works. Togetherness. Meaning.


Non-practical? Why? It's all about love.


Day jobs...night projects...dig some more. Record and project still and moving pictures.


Visually and verbally speaking...I can't lie. 


I put forth all the effort. Now...I have to go out and get the financial rewards.


Is there any signs of life here? Will a part or parts of it come alive. At some point? It will lead towards messages of life-giving as you continue through the series.


Another truly deliberate immortal just don't know it yet.


Use your contemplative-mind expression filter for the next piece.


Evolution of your art and words will define who you are. Trust me and be completely honest with yourself. - God 


What do you do? No...what do you do?


I've been high...built up...and reduced to rubble and debris...over and over during my adult life...unfortunately and fortunately.


I am a Son...Husband...Father of two wonderful Daughters...Artist...Writer...and Performer.

I am a Researcher...Storyteller...Friend...Multi-Method Expressionist...Wanderer...Wonderer...and Explorer.

I am a risk taker...Character Model...Master of many Trades...Collector...Hunter...and Agent.

I am a Promoter of various different other types of Artists...Integrator...and Sound and Picture Recorder.

I am a Movie store Customer...and Words Rapper.

I am a Comical Unlicensed Therapist...Instrument Fabricator...Costume Creator...Craftsman...and Builder Upper. 


As you can notice...I don't very often hate my work. With such a wide assortment of definitions and looks.


Blissfully best.


There are worry warts on my front bumper. Take it to a body shot.


I will support the people I love most and a lot of other folks.

I have the capability to touch up metal antique toys using the latest version of Photoshop. So what.


Nothing counter-intuitive with this subject matter. Oh yeah I see something.

Another opportunity to record a slightly different still to moving incident. To add to my hundred thousand others. I get it. You're not afraid to bore the vast majority viewers...and hold captive a wholesome cult minority of followers.

Salted and Peppered Earth. Art Disciples.


Continue to be committed to what you're doing...and hunt for several ways to earn money from pay your dues.

Feed the Universal Family Soul as a Variety of Gathered Together Pieces. If you have to or want to.


Work figuratively naked inside and out. Turn yourself inside out. Feed the child...and student. Paint real pictures with valuable words...that have to do with everyone's life...including yours.


No more demons of doubt anywhere. Shit here comes one.


Despite what you may think about the is important enough to generate an immense sum of money for everyone I some point in the future.

No more Doubt...Fear...Self Destruction...and Dreams.

We're all counting on you to follow through...don't let us down.

- Anonymous Deceased Artists

p.s. As an earthling...I was paid close to a million marks for one work of art. And you can be paid much more than that with today's contemporary art values. Don't be greedy though.

Continue to be tremendous at putting yourself in other people’s shoes.

Gage and engage...over and over...until death. Remember and forget that you are a screwed up and ugly piece of furniture.


All human are gifted and talented. Nurture and share the qualities of benign works of art. Use everything at your disposal...up to your last stroke.

You don't have to struggle if you choose not to.


Express kicking its legs frustration ...shame...universal fear...loss and the grief that follows.

Be the special mark within an extensive composition. Fall and go into place. Show this as a part of a dance. 


Show yourself dealing with tangled messes for added humor and interest. Be Oliver and Hardy. Demonstrate mistakes and disasters for the sake of expanding entertainment.

Strike out and E
volve towards being more Wholehearted.


Find unique meaningful work that is guaranteed to draw lots of people. Follow through with all of the callings from your list of known and unknown places.


No elephant ivory tusk material was or will be used to create any of my works of art.

Cultivate the sacred ground where you are. Find meanings and be meaningful when you partner with other humans. 

Higher powers. Deceased and now existing somewhere else Spirits are watching over you while you work and do other things.

Make connections. Continue to discover new ways to interpret ...subtlety...unspoken...and empathy’s actions.


Strangely...oddly...with openness...almost anything's a fascination. Perk.

Without too much judging of yourself and others life is wonderful.


Show to others your Truths of Uncertainty and Believe in what you're doing at the same time. You have to be a little bit Crazy to be...Humorous...Still...and the same time. 


Puts. Artificial food items. Fruit. White linen tablecloth table. Art with a combinations of intents. A few mirrors.

Shaking off arrogance and I come and go. Being the loose skilled performer...sometimes foolishly praising higher good powers with the work. Shedding inhibitions. Projecting emotions.

When the created visions of your dreams are not selling interpret a wealthy person's visions. During the meantime. Every thing is an endeavor that can teach you something about yourself.

Establish yourself A.S.A.P so people can know where you're at.


You are sometimes sacrifices with a spring in your step. Living your life as soft and round symbols. Like an infinite monologue.


Walking fast in and around workspaces with steel toe black military boots… and white thrift store tennis shoes. Occasional polished jazzy brown and white dress shoes. What we wear…also…says something.


I'm the imperfect cobbled street and a cobbled together soot stained mosaic of so many different types of vivid color and color quieted things.


My last confession work of art was a large yellow…orange…gold…and wonderfully blended…dot.


You are a 96 piece set of conventional tools and power tools…of more than one trade. Visceral sound. Book of life universal. Funky ratty ready and defunct voice. Commercial self-help career has been. Leveraged closet of folders and bins of inevitables (history in darkness rarely revisited). 


Today…my smart phone choose not to ring…and when it did…I was alerted and amused again by its whimsical ring tune.


Artist writer my next big question is can you financially afford to carry-on with all of these different types of autonomy? Can you afford to freelance…and be scattered…until you know when it has all come together for that incredible joined together multi-faceted autobiography. The retrospective of your life that you had to add to in order to make it.


Realize real lies when you hear them…and do something or nothing. It's up to you.


Pizza man be the…leaves…stems…and hindrance roots.


Turn in unproven product into a unique necessity. Be (got) other people’s integral backside. Plum their backbone.


Grant a great show of skits and skirmishes. Acting improvisation is a type of free form freedom carried out. Carried through as a short to long enviable flow…that parallels with how certain brains naturally work…when wound up…or turned on.


Be the brave upside down chairperson. Playing leader. All by yourself bachelor party of things unfolding. 


Get online. Be the exhibit. Participate in the exhibits…group shows. Have your own extensive current alien insect exhibit outside and indoors.


Unless you can find a way to make some good money this is just busy-crazy-mind-monkey-business. Hey…that's not true! What is it then?


Teach with your work…and then face-to-face also. Like you have been taught…so many times. Be low and brilliant. The moon and sun. Be the elder figure and wisdoms spoken out of your lifetime. Take hold of this…noble job…elusive desire…to help others.


You were in high demand with and without at all knowing it. Employ all this versatility of good perceptions…hands-on abilities…and performing skills. If you feel dead rise up from where you're at. Exercise your body and passions…for visual music. Smells and tastes-on-the-tongue that can heal… in different ways.


Lifelong…student…resident…and teacher. Sometimes…a performer of a variety of different art methods…within my own seemingly youthful to elderly circus world. Rehearsing. Directing. Walking and balancing…on sacred soul ocean current rounded stones…of all subdued dude hues.


Speaking. Trying my damnedest. Building my body…of categories of…works. Acting out visions. Seeing how the body moving can be included into my overall repertoire. Adding to my rolls of wallpaper of expressive hand written and tap tap tap typed words. Acting out what it looks like to be a dramatic/theatrical entrepreneur.


Where sometimes the person is the product and vice versa. Taking on awesome risks for this newly made world of all kinds of stuff that every mortal and spirit out there will (in a very good way) Love and relate their own present mortal lives and spirit to mortal past lives. 


You lost me.


Bucking fucking systems that have become a little too tired. Messing up earth and human made foundations a little too a lot…with stiff steel and flexible bamboo cultivating fingers.


Propagating visual notions that serve as analogies we can all benefit from. New jazz.




Sell your stuff. Use it. Jump into Community art projects for that feeling of creative and artistic involvement with others. Young people that need older mentors. Elder people that desire to pick up tools and make something positive that will be around for a while…if not for an eternity. 


Generating busy as bees inspirational activities. Keepers admiring the resulting gold (honey). Newer than previous efforts. High and release. Decisions and agreements among creative souls that boost self-esteem…we all as mortal human beings need continuously…or now and then.


Rolling up the long sleeves of a work shirt and going to work. Creating another common and original world.