Experiential Art Gallery Room Features Project.
Enhanced Photo-Recordings Of Actual Physical Created And
Collected Stuff...Carefully To Randomly Displayed.
Affected And Effected Found Items. Sculpted Forms.
Arranged And Intertwined...Wood...Metal...Hard And Soft Plastic
...Various Types Of Fine Fabrics And Heavier Textiles.
Also...Images For Printed Wallpaper Patterns And Digital Projector
Projections Onto Walls And Other Surfaces.
angel made of war zone debrisbamboo debris composition number sevenbamboo part and morebandaged invisible nose symmetriabandaged invisible nosecan't find my watchcarnage and silver snake beltcircular saw carved wood post ornamentcornercorners symmetriadebris details fourdebris details threedebris details twodebris scream five forty seveneyes and mouth holesformed fence wire objectglue gunhidden and exposed nonexplosive deviceholy cow bonehumor has nothing to do with a gun