The [Typed Thoughts] segments also included with WORDS FRAGMENTS were cut-out and protected with a roller-coated oil-based clear sealer. Varying amounts of oil enamel was added to the clear sealer to achieve the blended quality. Fine and coarse sand was intuitively sprinkled on the cut-outs and generous amount of sealer while the sealer was wet. The Sealed Words are made waterproof and strengthened or made more durable when the pieces are cured. Thoughts and short stories are often included in my art installations.

These are just some examples...I'll be adding many more in the near future.
Sealed Words 26Sealed Words 25Sealed Words 24Sealed Words 23Sealed Words 21Sealed Words 20Sealed Words 19Sealed Words 18Sealed Words 17Sealed Words 16Sealed Words 15Sealed Words 13Sealed Words 12Sealed Words 11Sealed Words 10Sealed Words 8Sealed Words 7Sealed Words 6Sealed Words 5Sealed Words 4